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Professional Biography



A Northwest native, Greg Marshall studied Economics and Mathematics at the University of Puget Sound.  He graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in 1985. Three years later, he graduated from the University of Puget Sound School of Law (now Seattle University School of Law), where he participated in the Law Review as a Research and Technical editor and published author.

He clerked for a judge at Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals before embarking on his legal career. He has been practicing law in the Puget Sound Region for more than 20 years.

Greg has a strong sense of morals and ethics and believes in encouraging accountability and responsibility on individuals as well as powerful corporations. 

His goal is to provide high quality legal services with personal attention to each case, and to resolve claims in a fair and timely manner.

Although Greg's practice has always emphasized personal injury claims, he has handled a broad range of matters over the past 30 years.  His knowledge and experience is extensive, covering such areas as car and motorcycle accidents, defective products, snow and ice accumulations, dog bites, marriage dissolutions, custody disputes, child support issues, probate disputes, and landlord-tenant matters.  

However, his work is most rewarding when he recovers damages for clients who have been physically, emotionally, and economically injured by others.

When he's not fighting for his clients' rights, Greg enjoys fishing, hiking, traveling, scuba diving, and spending time with his wife Michelle and their family.

Greg's Story

MVA car crash auto accident injury

I live in the country and enjoy driving through our beautiful wooded back roads. I was returning from an errand one afternoon, just a few miles from home, when a full-size pickup literally came out of nowhere on a blind corner and headed straight for me in my lane. I barely had time to think “something's  not right...” before being hit.

To this day, I have no memory of the collision. The first moment I recall was when I awoke from a deep sleep, surrounded by trees in a ravine, with my airbag deployed. I had a mouthful of shattered glass that I spat out piece by piece. My chest hurt and I was bleeding from my left temple. I couldn’t move.

When the first responders arrived, I couldn’t tell them what day it was or what month it was for that matter. I was extracted from the vehicle with the "Jaws of Life" and taken by ambulance to the local emergency department.

To my dismay, the driver of the truck tried to convince the responding deputy sheriff that I drifted into his lane! I was fortunate that the woman who was following me saw the collision and debunked his story. I have seen this kind of dishonest deflection and avoidance of responsibility many times in my practice, but I was humbled to have it attempted on me.

I was driving the Volvo™ in the photo and can attest that it absolutely sacrificed its life for mine. Fortunately, my injuries were not life threatening or permanent, save a scar across my temple. I gradually recovered with treatment and received a fair settlement. 

I can honestly tell my clients, “I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself."

Client Reviews


I was in a severe car accident...rear ended at 50 mph while at a stop light.. After some serious searching, I chose car accident lawyer Mr. Gregory Marshall to represent me with my lawsuit.. Mr. Marshall was indispensable with his knowledge and actions in this matter. I was impressed with his communication skills and perseverance with the insurance companies and adjusters he had to deal with. After all was said and done, Gregory was able to get me an excellent settlement. I highly recommend he and his company to successfully represent any other clients that would need his type of service in pursuing a lawsuit and settlement. Thank you Greg!!!! - James

Great, Honest Lawyer.  Greg walked me through everything I needed him to, gave me 100% accurate advice. Represented me with pure respect, and kindness. He helped me get my boy back in my life. He is a great guy. He is passionate and caring. He sees you as a human being and not just a dollar sign. - Trevor S.

Injury lawyer Greg Marshall is for REAL! Some years ago, I met Greg Marshall thru a mutual acquaintance, when my own Insurance company was playing the blame game with me, about who's fault an auto accident was, their other client, who was ticketed or me. I described what was happening to Greg, who had never seen nor heard of me before and I will never forget his comment to me; " Sometimes you just have to do what is right" and he took me on as a client, which surprised me, as there wasn't some big settlement to be had, just the righting an obvious wrong. Like most of us who have never had an experience with an attorney in a situation like this, this was not what I was expecting.

Since then we have remained friends and I have come to understand him as a person of high moral character , who takes his responsibility towards his clients seriously. When we finally went to arbitration in that long past situation, he came in dragging a suitcase and I asked him if he had just come from the airport. "These are your files" was his response. Right then I knew I was in good hands and without getting too personal, I have to say that we did end up getting a very generous settlement for my injuries, which still mystifies me to this day. Greg Marshall is for real, in every sense of the word; professionally, morally and as a personal friend and acquaintance. I would not consider using anybody else to represent me when dealing with the big corporate machines that lord it over the common man. - Mark G.

In 2013 I was in a 5 car pileup in Seattle on my way home from work. It totaled my less than 2yr old brand new car. Greg helped me get everything settled with the two driver behind me that had caused the accident making the experience as painless as possible. - Paula